How to get a cheap car insurance quote?

When it comes to making insurance for our car, we all vouch for the cheapest car insurance quotes. But while comparing the various sites while looking for a cheap car insurance quote, it is important to get into the minute details of the policy.

Sometimes in the process of looking for cheaper car insurance with a low premium, we often miss out on the coverage and you may probably end up shelling out a lot of money from your own pocket.

How Age – Gender Affects Car Insurance Rates

average auto insurance premium per year for different ages

Factors affecting your car insurance

Many a time while looking for cheap car insurance, they get baffled and certainly don’t know what they going to do with the policy. There are several factors that come into play to low your car insurance rate. The demographic factors also play a major role that affects your insurance rate.

  • Gender and Age- it has been found statistically, that men incur higher insurance rates as compared to women because they are more prone to accidents compared to the female counterparts.
  • Your marital status- It has been found that married men have fewer accidents than bachelors that significantly bring down the rate of car insurance. However, the reduction of insurance rates depends on your driving history and a clean driving record.

  • Place- the insurance rates also vary depending on where you live. Generally, the too much densely populated area is more prone to accidents.
  • Credit score- Many insurance companies’ takes into account the credit score while giving offering you lower rates. The lower is your credit score, the higher the insurance premiums you are expected to pay.
  • Profession- Insurance companies often look for the profession of the individual for setting the premium of insurance. For e.g. for delivery boys, drivers, a journalists are more often on the roads they are more prone to cause in such cases there can be a higher rate of premium
  • The safety rating- The safety rating refers to fewer chances of not needing to pay for the medical bills of your passengers. The safety parameters include the presence of airbags, automatic seatbelts, traction control etc. and other features make the car safer and less prone to accidents.
  • Size of the vehicle- The larger cars with better safety rating enjoys cheaper insurance rates. The larger cars are less prone to accidents in comparison to the smaller cars
  • Age of the vehicle-Generally the repair costs of the old and new vehicles are almost similar. But the repairs needed in an old car are much higher than that of a new car. Under certain circumstances, the owner tends to discard the old vehicle rather than paying for its repairs.
  • Chances of Theft- Sometimes certain category of cars or any specific cars are more likely to be theft or stolen by thieves. So such cars have high rates of insurance premiums compare to any other cars.

So paying for your car insurance is definitely an important part of owning a car. But, at the same time, it is important to look for cheap insurance quotes or can look for anything that can gradually lower your insurance premium for your car.


Before looking for a cheap insurance quote or policy get a thorough idea of the prevalent factors before applying to each insurance company. There are a plenty of insurance companies you can scroll over the web and can easily find many cheap insurance quotes online. With so many policies to compare, the best way to search for the cheap insurance premium is to ask for online quotations from the individual car insurance companies.

Then go ahead and start comparing the rates provided by each insurance company. Though, more or less the all the automobile insurance companies are similar in some way or the other and ask similar questions. Just getting the cheap car insurance is not enough. You can always make the insurance company bring down their rate depending on your driving history and credit score.

Car insurance for young drivers

If you are looking for cheap car insurance for young drivers, the maximum of the options are expensive as young drivers are more prone to making accidents and hence the insurance premium rates are higher. But there are ways to get a cheaper deal for your insurance. Keep your car registration number and other details for the online comparison of insurance quotes. You can accordingly use the details to choose the best quote from the insurance company that offers the cheapest premium with maximum coverage.

Online insurance quotes

In fact, the free online car insurance quotes are way easier to get if you are aware of the relevant factors that affect your car insurance premium. Though sometimes it becomes difficult to cover the comprehensive list, it is important to consider the most relevant that might affect your insurance rate.  It’s always better to have a gap of three years since your last claim to get a good amount of no claim discount.  While looking for online insurance quotes, it’s important to put your information correctly to avoid making it a costly affair for you.

Other factors to lower your insurance cost

Another factor is in case you have any home insurance or life insurance policy with a particular insurance company, they might offer you a reduced rate for your car insurance policy. Or, if you are thinking to switch your policies in case they are offering a good deal in your car insurance policy.

So if you consider all the above-mentioned factors and if you are consistent you in providing the right information to the individual car insurance companies, you can surely crack a cheap car insurance successfully. Apart from that the best way to choose your car insurance company is to collect cheap car insurance quotes from as many companies as possible. You can easily compare online from a number of insurers to compare their prices and the various review sites will help you in making the right decision in choosing the perfect car insurance company.